BCR improves its credit offer for business owners

Publish date: 09-09-2013
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The Romanian Commercial Bank (BCR) improves its credit offer for business owners, providing a credit solution to customers which cannot ensure sufficient material guarantees for contracting a credit.

Thus, the new solution is based on a guarantee of maximum 80% of the credit by FNGCIMM, for credits with a maximum reimbursement period of 36 months and with a maximum credit value of 300.000 lei. For these types of credits, the customer does not have to provide other guarantees, besides those that make up the structure of the product (FNGCIMM guarantee and collateral deposit).

"The initiative meets the need of customers that own well-managed businesses with growth potential, but are not able to provide adequate guarantees for contracting a credit to finance this growth. In the general context of a slow, but sustainable economic growth, supporting in this way the most dynamic segment of the client base, that of small companies, represents the winning solution for all parties involved”, declared Sorin Mititelu, CEO, Management of Retail Segments Department, BCR.

This facility is applied for every operational credit of the type Credit lines or Credit for working capital and which are destined to offer a credit for the entire current activity. The currency in which this facility is given is "leu” and the costs are the standard for these types of credits, competitive interests, starting from the ROBOR 1M/3M reference interest plus a margin of 4.5%-7.5%, depending on the financial status of the customer.

 "Moreover, BCR is the only bank in the banking system offering this type of product for such a long period - 36 months - pursuing the backing of customers with the necessary work capital, on a period that's sufficient to grow and consolidate their businesses”, added Sorin Mititelu, CEO, Management of Retail Segments Department, BCR. 

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