Videanu admits that he is in conflict of interests in connection to Marmosim

Publish date: 27-04-2010
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Adriean Videanu asked, in a letter sent to EC the opinion of the European commissionaire for regional development about the intention of Marmosim, whose owner he is to take EU funds in an operational programme where the ministry of economy is management authority. The letter is sent by Videanu to the European commissionaire for regional development, Johannes Hahn and in the text the minister admits indirectly that he is in conflict of interest, according to the Romanian legislation who says that the position of member of the government is incompatible with the quality of member of a group of economic interests, according to NewsIn.

Thus, according to the letter, the Marmosim company, where the minister says he is majority shareholder 'as private person' had the intention to present a project to obtain structural funds through the operational sectorial programme "The Development of Economic competitiveness"(POS & CCE). The ministry of economy, commerce, business environment acts as management authority for the POS CCE and Marmosim, Videanu's firm is the biggest producer of ornamental rocks in Romania.

"As I want to avoid any problems, I would appreciate if you could express your opinion on this matter, under the conditions where it could have delicate connotations" the letter sent to the European commissionaire by Videanu. The letter is sent by Videanu as minister of economy, commerce and business environment and has the seal of the government of Romania.

According to the Romanian law ( law 161/2003, updated) through conflict of interests we understand the situation where the person of public position has a personal interest which could influence the objective undertaking of tasks, according to the constitution and other norms, the law says.

The person who undertakes the position of government position is obliged not to issue any act or to sig any judicial act or to take part in any decision making as part of the authority management which produces a material use for himself, for his/her spouse or relatives, otherwise the administrative acts issued are annulled.

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