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Romanian state plans to keep 8 pct of Petrom, at leastUpdated: 22-04-2010 | Economy

Romanian state plans to keep a stake of 8 percent in Petrom Co., but it is going to sell part of held stake, announced the minister of Economy, Trade and Business Environment Adriean Videanu in a press conference.

"We are to keep at least 8 percent in Petrom, for safety. We take into account listing stocks on Bucharest Stock Exchange", said Videanu.

At the same time, Minister of Economy added he excludes the variant of completely giving up participation in Petrom. Petrom shareholders are OMV, leading energy group in Central and Southeastern Europe, with 51.01 percent of the stock. Ministry of Economy holds 20.64 percent of Petrom stock, Property Fund - 20.11 percent, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development - 2.03 percent and 6.21 percent are traded on BVB.


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