Orange, Enel Muntenia and Enel Energie clients can pay their bills through Millennium Bank's direct debit service

Publish date: 07-02-2013
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Orange, Enel Muntenia and Enel Energie clients can now pay their bills through the direct debit service provided by Millennium Bank, without having to go to the providers' or the bank's offices. The bank extended the range of utilities providers whose bills can be paid through direct debit, by adding these three companies. Thus, the financial institution's customers can now use direct debit for paying Orange, Vodafone, Romtelecom, Enel Muntenia and Enel Energie bills.

The direct debit service is free of charge and can be used by all retail and corporate clients who hold any kind of current account with Millennium Bank. Customers only need to fill in a mandate authorizing the bank to transfer the monthly bills' value and to make sure the necessary amount is available in the account at the payment date.

In order to encourage utilities bills payment through fast and convenient means, Millennium Bank also developed special features for the Internet Banking service. Thus, the bank charges no fee for individuals Internet Banking payments in amount of up to 200 lei. In addition, all Millennium Bank's customers can use a predefined form in the Internet Banking application to pay their Romtelecom bills, by only filling in the bill identification data and its amount.

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