COSMOTE Romania provides download speeds of up to 43.2 Mbps

Publish date: 08-10-2012
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From its very first steps, COSMOTE Romania undertook an ambitious network rollout plan, as well as a customer centric commercial strategy in order to provide quality mobile telecommunications services to all Romanians. The company continued to actively invest in its network enhancement, and now offers advanced technology services with higher data speeds reaching up to 43,2 Mbps, as well as even wider 3G coverage, in more areas of the country.

"Seeing the world through its customers' eyes, COSMOTE Romania implemented advanced broadband infrastructure, offering its customers the highest performance of the 3G network. Therefore, in the areas covered by the mobile broadband network, COSMOTE Romania succeeds to provide the best data usage experience to its customers”, stated Lampros Iskos, Chief Technical Officer.

Currently, COSMOTE Romania offers mobile broadband download speeds of up to 43.2 Mbps in 74 main cities within the country, representing more than 41% of population. Moreover, the customers can enjoy speeds of up to 21,6 Mbps in HSPA+ technology, in 147 cities across the country. Overall, the 3G services currently cover over 68% of the Romanian population.

In order to connect people all across Romania through quality mobile communications, COSMOTE Romania will continue to develop the mobile broadband network to offer speeds of up to 43.2 Mbps.

Soon, the customers will enjoy the new technology upgrade on a modem enabling 43.2 Mbps download speeds, in the operator's retail chain.

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