COSMOTE Romania and Piconet introduce parking payment through SMS in four cities from West Romania

Publish date: 14-03-2012
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COSMOTE Romania in partnership with Piconet launched the SMS parking payment service in Timisoara, Resita, Oradea and Satu Mare. The payment process will be simplified in this way and the service users will save more time.

The service is available through TPark® payment system through SMS, offered as Software As a Service (SaaS) to the parking administrators, a system launched in Timisoara, in 2006 and then was introduced in Oradea in 2008 and Satu Mare in 2011.

COSMOTE Romania users who wish to park their car in the public parking from Timisoara and Resita can choose the 90 minutes or all day payment by sending a SMS with the parking area name and the car's registration number to 7406 for 90 minutes and to 7402 for all day long.

In Oradea, COSMOTE Romania customers can choose for parking payment per hour or for a limited time of 7 hours with the same tariffs, by sending a SMS with the car's registration number to 7401 (for one hour) and to 7408 (for 7 hours).

In Satu Mare, the parking can be paid by COSMOTE Romania users by sending a SMS with the car's registration number to 7417 for one hour of parking.

After sending the SMS, COSMOTE Romania customers will receive a confirmation SMS for the payment and the parking validity period.

COSMOTE Romania will expand the parking payment services through SMS together with Piconet in the other cities from the country later this year.

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