Deloitte: Top media trends in 2012. Media consumption is equally split between tradition and latest technologies

Publish date: 18-01-2012
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 The old and the new continue to work together in the media industry, as some traditional channels maintain a strong foothold among consumers' preferences, while new technologies gain speed and increase penetration rates, according to Deloitte's annual Predictions for the Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) sector, now at their 11th edition. 

The report presents the Firm's view of the major trends over the next 12-18 months that are likely to have significant medium to long-term impact for companies in TMT and related sectors.

"Current trends in the media industry show that past fears about the consequences of mobility were - to some extent - unjustified. Consumers continue to favor television, which has adapted well to make use of Internet-related technologies: our report indicates that 95% of all television programs watched in 2012 will be live or within a day of the original broadcast,” said Ahmed Hassan, Managing Partner and TMT Industry Leader Deloitte Balkans. "On the other hand, television is rapidly moving on sophisticated handsets, easy to handle while in motion: smartphone and tablet owners will watch five billion hours of catch-up television content on their devices while on the move in 2012.”

With an estimated half a billion sales volume in tablets and smartphones by the end of the year, advertising keeps a close eye in this area - online branding is expected to expand 50 per cent, to 20 billion Dollars. 

"Marketing is also facing milestone changes, while also reconfirming successful, traditional techniques,” added Alina Mirea, Audit Director Deloitte Romania. "For example, the online coupon sector - an e-commerce breakthrough globally and in Romania as well in 2011 - is expected to shape into a small, well-defined niche this year. On the other hand, new techniques (some rather controversial, like neuromarketing) are being adopted amid intensifying competition.”

Media trends in 2012 - highlights 

  • Targeted television advertisements miss the target 
  • The schedule still dominates 
  • All aboard for the catch-up commuter thanks to the portable DVR 
  • A "brand” new day for online ads 
  • Market research is all in your head: MRI machines and media 
  • Extracting the premium from social games 
  • Online coupon intermediaries: novel, novelty, sizeable niche 

For a full copy of the report with all of the Deloitte predictions please visit  

The 2012 series of Predictions has drawn on internal and external inputs from conversations with member firm clients, contributions from Deloitte member firms' 7,000 partners and managers specialising in TMT, and discussions with industry analysts as well as interviews with leading executives from around the world.

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