6% annual interest rate euro deposit and international investment funds for Millennium Bank's Prestige clients

Publish date: 07-11-2011
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Millennium Bank extends its affluent clients offer, with a new saving and investment instrument, Prestige Dual Package, made of a special interest rate euro deposit and international investment funds in euro. Half of the amount invested through the package will be placed in a three-month euro deposit with a very advantageous fixed interest rate, of 6% per year, and the other 50% of the amount will be placed in up to seven different ING Investment Management Luxembourg domiciled funds denominated in euro.

"The new package addresses affluent clients who are interested in diversified investment solutions in euro that combine the safety of a term deposit with the potentially high yields of the investment funds. Besides granting access to world leading investment management capabilities, Prestige Dual Package differentiates itself via enhanced diversification of asset classes, which can turn this product into a key component of any savings and investment portfolio”, Eliza Erhan, Head of Retail Product Development with Millennium Bank, stated.

Prestige Dual Package allows clients to withdraw their money from the fund at any time, with no penalty fee, and it requires a minimum investment amount of 4,000 euros. 

Launched at the beginning of 2011, Millennium Bank's Prestige business line addresses clients with disposable assets of at least 20,000 euros or monthly income above 1,400 euro, through dedicated financial products and services, as well as a dedicated distribution network and relationship managers. The bank's Prestige clients have access to both international funds, managed by ING Investment Management, and local funds, managed by Pioneer Asset Management. The bank also developed a complex health insurance program, in partnership with EUREKO Insurance Company, designed exclusively for Prestige clients, which offers a wide range of top medical services via 250 partner clinics and private hospitals across the country. 

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