14 th Call Center Convention, an event about the future

Publish date: 25-10-2011
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In local terms, this is a conference but In real terms, is an event.  The difference in terminology comes from the lack of some elements that are specific to a conference, as we know it all. First of all, at the Conference Centre Studio 44 in Vienna (not a hotel) no one had come just to escape the office. It was an event dedicated to professionals and as such, came professionals interested in what happens. In fact, this was evident in the questions sessions at the end of each presentation. Perhaps this was possible also because of the extraordinary quality of the speakers, the fact that they brought news they were not afraid to offer concrete data and experience, not afraid to say where they were wrong and why, were not shy to say what they did well, as they grew - and what prompted them to take certain decisions. 

Those from the call centers are the people who will answer the phone, when you have a problem with a product or service, or who will call you to sell or to present a product, or those who will listen to problems about products. Their work is hard, because they have to please two clients simultaneously. First is you, the second is the customer whose product or name they have to sell. From here it may come the great organizing of this event, the fact that it was found a suitable environment for carrying out conferences, where at the entrance the Competence Call Center guys themselves welcomed you, they had your name tag and you have been guided the wardrobe. 

The atmosphere was relaxed. People from the same branch, part of them which have met before, shared ideas and debated.

The multinational and cultural mix, gave you the impression of a summit, not a conference. Ladies wore shoes in spite of 7-8 degrees outside, gentlemen were not hampered by the tie and, perhaps most important, although I was at a conference of Call Center, the desks were not filled with phones and the participants didn't used facebook or text messaging or mailing under the table.

Nobody went out in the hall just "to chat", and, in fact, no one walked out during the conference, but only for a few minutes, definitely for something important. 

Maybe that was because the crowd, that worked very well with room speakers, so you don't fall asleep, don't get bored and not get tired from a six-hour event.

 Large screens, electronic (not canvas), ambient light to provide eye rest, helps attention focused on the speaker and the opportunity to take notes without any problem. 

Speakers are not reluctant to make jokes, even some on their account. You laugh, discuss, and ask questions too. The  lady offering the microphone to ask questions has a very busy day. She brings another microphone and a colleague helped her, taking over half the room. 

Competence Call Center Convention has focused this year's edition to what means innovation in the future. The three skills that need to have any company in the field have been clearly presented by the moderator, Mr. Vincent Vanden Bossche, President ECCCO & Managing Director Call Communications (Belgium): First: It should overcome any language barrier. Second: It must continuously improve client service and third, it also must keep up with technology. All these add value to a Call Center and, in fact, to any company. 

A lesson we all need to learn in a world increasingly open, more demanding and more aware of it's rights.  

Raluca SIMAN

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