Romania's annual inflation tempers slightly in November, to 7.73%, statistics show

Publish date: 13-12-2010
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The annual rate of inflation reached 7.73 percent in November, as prices for nonfood products rose 9.75 percent, tariffs for services grew 6.13 percent and prices for food stuff added 6.01%, according to the National Statistics Institute (INS).

Compared to the previous month, consumer prices advanced 0.52 percent in November, as prices for food products soared 0.88 percent, tariffs for services inched 0.20 percent and nonfood stuff increased 0.38 percent.

In October, the annual rate of inflation rallied to 7.88 percent as the monthly rate of inflation stood at 0.55 percent.

In 2010, the consumer basket in Romania, which is used to calculate inflation, features food products with a weight of 37.39 rercent, non-food stuff with 44.72 percent and services with 17.89 percent.

The central lender raised the inflation prognosis for the end of 2010, from 7.8 to 8.2 percent, according to BNR's governor, Mugur Isarescu.

In 2009, BNR missed the inflation target for the third time in a row.


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