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  • 1 gr. aurVariatie: -0.3745162.9821 RON

GfK: Fast-moving consumer goods consumption down 4 pc Updated: 01-09-2010 | Economy

The home consumption of fast-moving consumer goods in H1 dropped by 4 per cent in national currency from a year earlier, being the first decrease recorded in the last ten years, with personal care products and home cleaning goods being the most affected, a GfK press release issued yesterday states. Among the categories with the steepest volume falls the ones that stand out are deodorants (-21 per cent), universal cleaning products (-19 per cent), chocolate tablets (-18 per cent), the decrease being primarily due to the fact that they were purchased by fewer consumers.

Total market shares in terms of value at a national level of the various forms of retail remained relatively constant in H1 of 2010 on a year-on-year basis. According to GfK, hypermarkets' market share in the first half of the year was 21 per cent compared to 20 per cent the year earlier, supermarkets - 13 per cent compared to 12 per cent, discount stores - 8 per cent compared to 10 per cent and cash&carry stores kept their 2 per cent market share.

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