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  • 1 EUR Variatie: -0.02424.5673 RON
  • 1 USD Variatie: -0.01914.0905 RON
  • 1 CHF Variatie: -0.01494.2091 RON
  • 1 GBP Variatie: 0.00035.2034 RON
  • 1 gr. aurVariatie: -0.2057165.1775 RON

Lower wages at BNR, money transferred to national reserveUpdated: 31-08-2010 | Economy

The 25 per cent wage cuts of National Bank of Romania (BNR) employees will remain in force, after the Government modified the law which imposed the cuts, Mediafax reports. However, the money resulting from the cuts will no longer be allotted to the state budget, but will remain instead at the disposal of the central bank, contributing to boost the bank's statutory reserves, a Government spokesperson, Ioana Muntean (photo), stated.

The Government debated, on Monday, an emergency ordinance to modify the law by which BNR employees' wages, alongside public sector wages, were cut by 25 per cent, to fend off potential sanctions from the European Commission (EC). The European Central Bank (ECB) issued a warning related to the emergency ordinance to modify the said law so that the saved amounts remain in the bank's accounts, underlining this wouldn't solve the problem of the central bank's autonomy.

Thus, the Government has to return the money transferred to the state budget following the wage cuts, to prevent the violation of European Union Treaty provisions.

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