Multinational companies need more employees

Publish date: 31-08-2010
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Romanian companies manufacturing goods for the local market announce layoffs, whereas multinationals are hiring more employees, according to a survey by "Gandul" daily newspaper. Microsoft, Amazon, Oracle, Ford and Dacia are among the top companies recruiting employees.

"Foreign companies are more upbeat given business gets better. They are already readying for next year, when they expect things to go even better. We should say this only applies to foreign companies working for customers from countries where economy picked up. It is normal for them to hire more people given the rising orders," said George Butunoiu, a human resources expert.

The auto industry will be one of the chief employers in Romania, given investments made by Ford and Renault. Ford workforce will top 3,500, and 7,000 in the upcoming years. Amazon, the world's biggest online retailer, will employ 12 more software experts at its new development centre.

The work force, circa 30 so far, will double over the next two to three years, local company officials say. In early spring, Microsoft too announced it needed 70 more employees by year's end, in addition to the 300-plus workforce in place. HP too is among the companies seeking personnel, 600 this year, as well as Adobe, 30-50, and Oracle, a few dozens of new jobs at the least.

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