A Romanian pays an average of 600 Romanian Lei in bribes per year

Publish date: 30-08-2010
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Three quarters of Romanians believe that you can't succeed in life without bribes or influence peddling. The average annual amount of bribes a Romanian pays is of 600 Romanian Lei, according to a survey conducted by CSOP and paid for by the Association for Implementing Democracy.

"The survey shows that the lack of convictions in corruption cases determines a lack of satisfaction of citizens as regards the country they live in and the trust they place in the state", stated for Gandul Mr. Alexandru Cumpanasu, Executive Manager of AID.

A simple calculation shows us that bribes over the course of a year cost a citizen approximately 600 Romanian Lei. For a population of 18,000,000 active citizens (aged over 18 years old), considering the absurd notion that only 15% of them would pay bribes, that results in a total of 400 million Euro per year. This number goes up with the number of citizens that pay bribes".


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