75 percent of Romanians think corruption has increased in past 5 years

Publish date: 26-08-2010
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Three quarters (75 percent) of the Romanians think that corruption has increased in Romania in the past five years, reveals a poll conducted by the Centre for Studying Opinions and Markets (CSOP) at the request of the Association for Implementing Democracy (AID).

According to the poll referring to the perception of corruption in Romania, which was sent to Agerpres, only 6 percent of the population think that corruption in Romania has decreased in the past few years, whereas 13 percent say that they do not feel any change of the corruption level in Romania. Youths and Bucharest people said that, in their opinion, the corruption level did not increase to a large extent.

"One finds out that a lower percentage of young people (68 percent as against 75 percent, the average of the sample) appreciate that the corruption level has increased. The same tendency is to be found with the inhabitants of Bucharest (67 percent) and the main minority ethnic groups (65 percent for Gypsies and 66 percent for Hungarians). Respondents with higher education (11 percent) and the ones living in Bucharest (15 percent) are more numerous in saying that the corruption level has gone down," reads the release sent by AID.



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