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Renault to manufacture Duster in RussiaUpdated: 25-08-2010 | Economy

Renault presented, in the Moscow Car Show, the automatic transmission models of Logan Sedan and Sandero, on a market in which one third of the cars have an automatic gearbox. In the same salon, reports, Renault presented the Latitude sedan, the brand's flagship of the range, a car which will be sold in Russia and other 50 countries as of October 2010. The company further announced that Duster's assembly line in Russia will be inaugurated at the end of 2010 using kits of parts brought in from Romania.

Renault reports that the launch of the automatic gearbox Sandero and Logan was keenly-awaited on a market in which 32 per cent of the car models have such automatic options. The company also announced that, at the end of 2011, they will begin assembling Duster in the plant near Moscow, but using kits of parts (CKD). The SUV will be adapted to the needs of Russian consumers, both on the outside, and as regards interior options.

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