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Romania is European leader in construction sector, in JuneUpdated: 18-08-2010 | Economy

Romania registered in June 2010 compared to May 2010 the highest increase in the volume of construction works in the European Union (16.5 percent), followed at a distance by Spain (7.2 percent) and Poland (4.5 percent), according to the data presented by the Statistical Office of the European Commission (Eurostat) on Wednesday.

At the EU level, the construction output rose in eight member states (Romania included) and fell in six member states. The steepest declines were registered by Hungary (minus 2.3 percent), The Netherlands (minus 1.8 percent) and Slovenia (minus 1.6 percent).

In the euro zone the construction output rose 2.7 percent in June 2010 compared to May 2010 and in the European Union the advance stood at 3.5 percent. June increase is coming after a drop of 0.7 percent in the euro zone and 0.1 percent in the EU in May 2010 compared to April 2010.



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