Funds for surveys, not for roads

Publish date: 18-08-2010
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The Transport Ministry has prepared a survey through which it plans to find out the routes taken by Romanian drivers during the holidays. According to 'Gandul' daily, approximately 2,800 drivers could be asked to pull over in order to fill out a questionnaire concerning the routes they use during the holidays. The survey, dubbed "Origin - Destination Investigation," is part of the "Road Traffic Census" conducted at European level once every five years.

"In the first stage we will collect data concerning traffic on the busiest national roads. This is a seasonal investigation through which we plan to obtain data on road traffic in Romania during the holiday season, the roads we have in mind being those towards the seaside and mountainside," Vincentiu Cuc, director of the Centre for Technical Road Studies and IT (CESTRIN), the company that conducts the survey, stated. The survey costs EUR 17,000 but its results are highly dependent on the drivers' good will. "The drivers are the key element.

They might be in a hurry or might have other problems. Not all of them will pull over for ten minutes to help us out," Cuc added. He pointed out that the authorities will try to convince the drivers that their answers are very important for planning investments in this domain. Coming soon!

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