Romania's 2010 wheat crops to stand close to 5.6 million tonnes

Publish date: 12-08-2010
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Romania's 2010 wheat crops will slightly exceed 5.6 million tonnes, as 98 percent of the land under wheat has so far been reaped, state secretary with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Adrian Radulescu told Agerpres.

'We already have 5.6 million tonnes of wheat collected from 98 percent of the area under wheat, and I believe we will reap more than 100,000 tonnes from the remaining area, at an average crop yield of 2.8 tonnes per hectare,' said Radulescu.

MADR projected the 2010 total wheat crops at 6.64 million tonnes from 2.064 million hectares and an average yield of 3.4 tonnes per hectare, but abundant rainfalls triggered early wheat sprouting and made reaping in the optimal season impossible.

Radulescu also said that out of its total wheat crops, Romania will export nearly 1.8 million tonnes to meet the business orders underway but it will be then compelled to import nearly 1.2 million tonnes of wheat to make sure the demand is met until the 2011 crops.

'There are business orders underway for the export of 1.8 million tonnes of wheat at a price of RON 0.5-0.7 per kg, but I believe we will have to import nearly 1.2 million tonnes to see us through the next year's crops and meet the domestic demand. But I am afraid that the price for the imports will be higher than RON 1.2/ kg,' said Radulescu. The annual supply of wheat to meet domestic demand in Romania is estimated at 3.5 million tonnes.


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