The mystery behind the anti-crisis donations made by officials

Publish date: 11-08-2010
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Why are directors from outside Bucharest donating? "We respected that memo…" Is there a written order? "Let's say it was a suggestion". The race for donations meant to help the state budget continues. After he provided the example, being the first person to donate his May salary of 6702 Romanian Lei to the Treasury account, the name of President Traian Basescu is no longer on the list of donors to the state budget for July. "Maybe he didn't want to reveal his identity", opined Finance State Secretary Gheorghe Gherghina. The Ministry of Finance made public on Tuesday the amounts and names of persons that donated to the Treasury account and agreed to have their identity made public.

On the Ministry of Finance list of persons that agreed to have their identity revealed is Minister Adriean Videanu as well as many other persons from the ministry he runs, from personal counselors to department directors. Overall, 27 persons gave money in July to help the state budget get out of the crisis.


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