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Emil Boc: It will not be easy for this countryUpdated: 09-08-2010 | Politics

Premier Emil Boc told a news conference in Iasi (eastern Romania) on Saturday that currently the Government was at the most difficult stage of the process meant to reform and restructure the state.

"There will come and there are now procedures of restructuring, of dismissing employees paid form the budget, in other words, it is not easy for this country and it will have painful consequences for very many of us. These measures are necessary to this country for the recovery and functioning of the budget system and the functioning of this country as a whole and of the entire state," said Premier Boc.

He emphasized the fact that, in the field of the public administration, the new organization charts must be approved by the local authorities by August 16. Boc warned against the fact that they who did not carry out restructuring would not get any money form the state budget.



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