The Romanian College of Physicians: 50 la suta of doctors will emigrate from Romania within the next 5 years

Publish date: 03-08-2010
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Representatives of the Ministry of Health have stated for Gandul that over the last three years, 8331 doctors have obtained their conformity certificates from the ministry, which are documents necessary to practice their profession abroad. According to estimates of the Minister of Health, Cseke Attila, 20 percent of them did not use the documents to start working abroad.

Even so, the Vice President of the Romanian College of Physicians (CMR), dr. Constantin Carstea, stated for Gandul that the number of doctors that will be picking up their conformity certificates and will choose a job abroad is on the rise.

"Considering that a doctor's salary is miserable, doctors won't think too much about it and will go work abroad. According to our estimates, over 50 percent of Romanian doctors will have left by 2015, motivated by higher salaries and better working conditions", warns the Vice President of the Romanian College of Physicians.


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