Romanians working abroad, number two in Europe in sending money back home, after the Spanish

Publish date: 25-07-2010
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Despite the global financial crisis, Romanians working abroad continue to send money back home, even though less money, irrespective of whether they work in E.U. countries or outside the European Community. Last year they transferred some 3 billion Euro to the accounts of relatives in the country, as compared to 5.156 billion Euro in 2008, and came in second within E.U. Member States, after Spain (4.82 billion Euro), according to Eurostat.

The largest amount of money was sent by Romanian citizens located within the European Community (2.66 billion Euro) - the largest level within the European Community. Romanians working outside the E.U. sent some 358 million Euro of their earnings back home in 2009, as compared to the 364 million Euro sent in 2008. Germans, Latvians, Slovenians, and Finns were on the opposite pole, sending no money to families back home.

Foreigners that work in our country also made some 44 million Euro in 2009 - compared to 66 million Euro in 2008 - , of which 33 million Euro was made by E.U. citizens alone.


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