For the second time, ANI Law declared unconstitutional

Publish date: 20-07-2010
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The nine CC judges debated the request in yesterday's meeting, allowing unanimously that the notification made by the head of state is justified. The argument which motivates the ruling given by the Constitutional Court Assembly will be presented in the decision to be published in the Official Paper of Romania. As of the publication date, the decision is compulsory and cannot be applied retroactively. The decision is communicated to the President of Romania, to the Speakers of the two Chambers of Parliament and to the prime-minister.

The head of state notified the Constitutional Court regarding the ANI Law, examined once again on July 13, arguing that the provisions referring to the commissions of wealth investigation fall within the competence of the Senate, in its quality of the first Chamber notified, and the Chamber of Deputies, in its office as decisional Chamber.

The chairman of the Human Rights Commission in the Senate, the Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR) MP Gyorgy Frunda, stated, quoted by Mediafax, that he takes note of the Constitutional Court ruling on the ANI law and respects it, arguing, however, that, in his opinion, the Senate is the decisional Chamber as regards this bill.

He added that he wished to see the motivation offered by the Constitutional Court before making any other comments. Frunda has been repeatedly accused by the supporters of the ANI law of being the one who crippled the law in the commission he leads, which bereft the Agency of most of its prerogatives. Traian Basescu accused Frunda that by altering the ANI law he betrayed Romania's interests.

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