BNR Exchange Rates

  • 1 EUR Variatie: 0.0064.5733 RON
  • 1 USD Variatie: 0.0001000000000014.0906 RON
  • 1 CHF Variatie: -0.00454.2046 RON
  • 1 GBP Variatie: -0.00475.1987 RON
  • 1 gr. aurVariatie: -1.8209163.3566 RON

Last Minute Loan. How Romania is borrowing money from one day to the next because it has ran out of moneyUpdated: 15-07-2010 | Financial and Banking

Because banks are refusing medium and long-term loans to the Ministry of Finance at reasonable interest rates, of no more than 7%, the Ministry is using very short term loans, for which bankers are asking only 4-5% p.a.

Because banks won't give medium and long-term loans to the state at interest rates below 7%, which the Ministry doesn't want to pay, the state has called on a novel method: it's loaning money from banks for a very short period of time.


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