Adrian Vasilescu, advisor to BNR governor: Money from IMF enters BNR accounts on Wednesday

Publish date: 07-07-2010
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The fifth tranche of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) loan to Romania will enter the reserve of the country's National Banka (BNR) on Wednesday, Adrian Vasilescu, advisor to the central bank governor, told Agerpres on July 6.

"The amount approved by the IMF Board will enter the BNR accounts on Wednesday,' said the advisor to the BNR governor, mentioning that "the fact that a half of each of the last three installments was directed to the Treasury was an exception in the 50-year long activity of the IMF," and that this exception has come to end with the fifth tranche worth 913 million euros.

In a statement for Agerpres, Romania's representative to the IMF Mihai Tanasescu expressed a similar view: "The release of the fifth tranche is important for strengthening the international reserve of the Central Bank of Romania, but it also a sign of normality, given that the money will go exclusively into the BNR account, for the management of the external deficit, and not also to the Treasury."



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