40,000 local administration employees are left out of the Government's employee roster

Publish date: 01-07-2010
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Tens of thousands of local administration employees could remain jobless after some modifications being made to the Local Public Finance Law. The Government is preparing an Emergency Government Ordinance to amend and complete Law no. 273/2006 regarding local public finances, with its later amendments and completions.

In promoting the new regulations, its initiators are invoking IMF, European Commission and World Bank recommendations regarding increasing financial discipline, but also "the need for optimizing the efficiency of public institutions and improving management whilst reducing local budget expenses".

Government sources have stated for Gandul that more than 40 thousand local public administration employees may be affected by the new employment rosters. The new regulations don't target education, health or social insurance and assistance employees.

No more than 1600 employees for municipalities

Local authorities have to set the maximum number of personnel in the mayor's office, in the county council, as well as in local public services, as per a roster specified in Annex 3.

As such, for cities, the average number of employees varies between 42 - for those with no more than 3000 residents - and 260 for those with 20-50 thousand residents For municipalities, the number of employees is of no more than 724 for those with 50-100 thousand residents and 1129 for those with 100-200 thousand residents.


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