PM Emil Boc: We are ready for any alternative

Publish date: 28-06-2010
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PM Emil Boc said, in the end of the videoconference with the prefects, that the government is prepared for any variant, answering thus a question about the chances there are that the austerity measures should come into force starting July 1.

'We are ready for any alternative, this is what I want you to know,' answered PM Boc when asked what chances there were that the measures the Government assumed responsibility for, and that the Romanian Constitutional Court (CCR) had not ruled unconstitutional, should come into force on July 1.

PM Boc said in the beginning of the videoconference that the CCR cut off only the provisions on the pension component of the initial draft bill on public salary and pension cuts.

'Unfortunately, under the circumstances, we have to resort to rising the VAT. This is no measure to bring us joy, but it must be taken, given that the initial plan could not be fully accomplished,' PM Boc said


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