More than 50,000 Romanian and foreign tourists on Black Sea coast

Publish date: 21-06-2010
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The total number of Romanian and foreign tourists on holiday on the Romanian seaside exceeded 50,000 this weekend, Secretary General of the Seaside - Danube Delta Association for Tourism Promotion and Development Cristina Frecea told Agerpres on Sunday.

'Compared with Friday, when there were 39,862 tourists on the Black Sea coast, their number reached perhaps 53,700 on Sunday afternoon,' Frecea said.

According to her estimates, the number of tourists at the Mamaia resort probably doubled to more than 22,000 people, while at Costinesti, a traditional destination for Romanian teens and youth, there should have been 3,300 tourists 'because young people with less money started coming at the weekend.

A week ago, on June 13, there were 39,203 tourists on the Romanian Black Sea coast, 2,047 of whom were foreigners, according to data centralised by the Seaside - Danube Delta Association.

The Seaside - Danube Delta Association for Tourism Promotion and Development, founded in 2007, is a public-private partnership that includes local authorities and travel employers 'designed to capitalise on and channel positive energies into the development of Romania's Riviera.'


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