Potatoes, books and newspapers, air transport and telephone, highest rises in May

Publish date: 11-06-2010
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Potatoes, books, newspapers and magazines prices, as well as air transport and telephone tariffs rose the most in May compared to the previous month, exerting the major influence upon inflation, of 0.15 percent.

According to data published on Thursday by the National Statistics Institute, as against April, the consumer price index for food products dropped by 0.09 percent. Potatoes prices rose the most - 9.56 percent, fresh fruit - 1.80 percent, citrus and exotic fruits - 0.49 percent, whereas the price of eggs dropped by 10.84 percent, cheese - 1.06 percent, corn meal - 0.43 percent, sugar - 0.42 percent etc.

Non-food products went more expensive in May by an average of 0.20 percent, with books, newspapers and magazine in the top - 1.64 percent, medicines - 0.52 percent, automobiles and spare parts - 0.49 percent, fuel - 0.42 percent.

As for services, the tariffs rose by 0.47 percent on the previous month, with advances in the air transport - 1.11 percent, telephone - 1.11 percent, medical care - 0.17 percent, cinema, theater, museum tickets, education spending and tourism - 0.15 percent. Over the mentioned period the cost of accommodation in hotel units dropped by 0.05 percent.


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