Hedegaard: Romania must profit from European funds

Publish date: 04-06-2010
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Romania must profit from the European funds if it wants to have a developed economy with low carbon emissions, European Commissioner for climate changes Connie Hedegaard told the 'Romania Between Copenhagen and Cancun' conference in Bucharest.

Romania's goal relating to the waste transport is to see 15 percent growth in this area by 2014. I hope Romania will not have problems in meeting the objectives pledged with the European Union. In Romania, climate can go step in step with the economic growth. There are many problems with the initiatives we must finance and the European funds can help. It is very important that Romania uses these funds in order to reach a low-carbon emissions economy. Romania must be part of sustainable Europe, Hedegaard said.

She stressed that the environment should not be overlooked, in spite of the world seeing a deep recession. She said the economic crisis will go, but the destruction of the environment is irremediable. Climate changes represent a long-term strategy, Hedegaard stressed.


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