PM advisor: Number of state sector employees continues to drop in 2011

Publish date: 04-06-2010
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The number of Romanian state sector employees must reach the level registered at the beginning of 2007, so that it must be further reduced, even after the implementation of the pledged measures to slash the public sector jobs by 70,000 in 2010, Prime Minister Emil Boc's advisor Andreea Paul Vass told Agerpres.

'We plan to lay off 70,000 public workers by the end of this year, which can be translated into the salaries returning to the current level. This is a top-down reduction. The restructuring process is to continue in the following year as well, because we are trying to reach the level registered at the beginning of 2007. Over 2007 - 2008, 250,000 people were employed and this figure did not match the quality improvement. The overburdening of the state system is not justified anymore,' said Andreea Paul Vass.

She also added that the slashing of public workers would be decided by the state institutions' managements next year.

'This time, there will be a bottom-up reduction. The institutions' managements will set forth proposals, according to their needs and plans, of the number of public jobs they can axe,' said Vass.


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