PM Boc: Restriction of right to pension and to wage refers to their amount

Publish date: 03-06-2010
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Premier Emil Boc pointed out that the restriction to be applied on the right to pension and to wage, based on Art. 53 of the Constitution, does not mean its annulment, but the modification of the respective amounts, maintaining that this is a fact also confirmed by the Constitutional Court.

"These rights (to pension and wage - editor's note) are decreased until December 31 and it is not about a siege state, nor a necessity one, nor another disaster, as some people are trying to say, but it is about a restriction applied on a determined period to those rights in terms of their quantum and not in respect with the fundamental right, namely the right to pension and wage is not canceled", said the Executive's head after taking part in the meeting with the Parliament's leadership.

Boc reminded that, in 2009 as well, in the case of the law on the unpaid leave for the public sector staff, the Executive used exactly the same Art. 53 from the fundamental law, without endangering the citizens' rights and freedoms to express their views or to movement.

Premier Boc argued by giving the example of the European Court on Human Rights, which in a 2009 case file ruled that the right to pension is guaranteed and not its amount because it differs in line with the economic situations in various countries.


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