Highest wind power park: in Lotrului Mountains at 2,000 m altitude

Publish date: 02-06-2010
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A wind power park which will comprise between 60 and 100 wind turbines will be built by a Spanish company in Lotrului Mountains at the height of 2,000 metres, Speciality Referent at the Valcea Territorial Inspectorate for Forest and Hunting Administration Mihai Pleseanu told for Agerpres.

"This is an ambitionus project, a cooperation between a company in Bucharest and a company in Spain. The project was initiated one year ago when installations for anemometric measurements were installed. The works will be started in August, meaning that 60 to 100 wind turbines will be mounted at an average altitude of 2,000 metres, between Repezi Peak (1,800 m) and Fratosteanu Peak (2,100 m) in Lotrului Mountains, in the area of Malaia town," said Pleseanu.

According to him, each turbine is worth roughly 2 million euros and an average power of 1.5 MW and it will be the wind power park located at the highest altitude in Romania.


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