Romanian Gov't does not approve letter of intent to IMF without CES assent

Publish date: 19-05-2010
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The Government will not approve the letter of intent to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) agreement without the assent given by the Economic and Social Council (CES), underlined Prime Minister Emil Boc's economic counsellor Andreea Paul-Vass.

Asked if the Executive can send the IMF the letter of intent, in spite of CES not giving its assent, Paul-Vass told Agerpres: 'No it cannot, because both the President's and the Prime Minister's messages were crystal clear: ‘CES needs to reach a consensus' and we hope negotiations will go in the right direction in the Council by next month.'

She also underscored that in a week, at the latest, the Government must send the letter of intent to the IMF, and if significant changes are made against the changes agreed upon with the IMF representatives, the delegation of the Washington-based institution has to come back to Bucharest to attend new rounds of negotiations with the Government.


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