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CNS Cartel Alfa leader: Protest rally scheduled for Wednesday to be held regardless of CES session resultsUpdated: 17-05-2010 | Politics

The protest rally scheduled for Wednesday in Victoria Square will be held regardless of the result of today's session of the Economic and Social Committee (CES), CNS Cartel Alfa leader Bogdan Hossu told a press conference.

"The protest rally scheduled for Wednesday will take place regardless of what CES says today, since there exists no government document to guarantee that the Committee's decisions will be observed," said Hossu.

He also underlined that the Executive is calling for sacrifice, but without making specific proposals related to how it intends to solve the situation and without giving any king of assurance that, "if the countries makes a sacrifice in structure, the result will be a return to normal in three or maximum six months."

The claims of trade unions are related to the letter of intent with the International Monetary Fund, "which transfers the entire situation created by the crisis on the shoulders of the more disadvantaged classes."


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