PNL adopts an economic anti-crisis programme to present at the CES reunion

Publish date: 17-05-2010
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The PNL chairman Crin Antonescu stated on Friday in a press conference that the economic programme proposed by the liberals will be discussed and approved on Monday in the meeting of the National Executive Council to be later presented in the CES meeting, where the liberals were invited by the chairman of the Economic and Social Council (CES).

Antonescu reminded the fact that "PNL has a clear vision on the difficult situation of Romania" saying that there is a need for a government to propose a programme destined to the economic relaunching which supposes a series of measures of legislative and administrative nature to be destined to the stimulation of those who produce in the real economy, the fiscal bonus, the stimulation of employees, no taxes on reinvested profit or measures to limit "the grand fiscal evasion".
On the other hand, Antonescu stated that PNL are against the reduction of the salaries of some categories of budget-paid employees who are necessary to the society although they are already poorly paid - teachers, doctors, public order and magistrates saying that "the waste is in the clientele expenditure", the liberals having "tough measures" for this category, such as the revamping of the administration, a government of only 7 or 8 ministries with a maximum of 30 agencies, a reduction of the excess personnel in administration and a reduction of budgetary expenditure for public procurement.

The CES meeting was summoned for Friday, but the discussions were postponed until Monday, at the request of the trade unions.

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