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11 million euros invested in Romania's biggest industrial millUpdated: 05-05-2010 | Business

The ATON Transilvania group of companies inaugurated the biggest industrial mill in Romania at Carani, Timis Country (western Romania), on an investment worth 11 million euros.

"The Carani 5 Mill is currently the most important flour producer in western Romania, with a production capacity of 500 tonnes/24 hours. The 11-million-euro investment was supported under a SAPARD project of almost four million euros," general manager of the ATON Transilvania group of companies Paul Milata said, when the mill started working.

According to executive manager of the Romanian-German Chamber of Commerce Marco Walde, the investment was made in one of the most important sectors in Romania. The flour produced by the Carani 5 Mill, which has a production capacity of 500 tonnes a day, and by the Carani 4 Mill, which has a production capacity of 120 tonnes a day, is primarily sold on the foreign market in the Middle East and the western countries.


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