PM Boc: Public expenditure cutbacks have been Govt's goal since 2009

Publish date: 21-04-2010
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The cutbacks in the public expenditure are a goal the Government has pledged since 2009, Prime Minister Emil Boc said during the talks between his Cabinet ministers and President Traian Basescu at the Cotroceni presidential Palace on Tuesday.

"If this Government and the previous Government had done nothing since December 2008 till now, Romania's budget deficit would have been at 12 percent in 2009 and 17 percent in 2010, if we simply had continued to roll what the Liberal Government headed by Mr. Tariceanu left us. We took certain concrete steps in 2009 and in 2010 to limit this budget deficit at 7.3 percent in 2009. The projection for 2010 is 5.9 percent", Boc said.

'In the same way that we did not hesitate in the 2009 presidential campaign to take tough measures for the present, but correct for the future, neither shall we hesitate now to go on the same way. The reform process is not very simple, unfortunately. Unfortunately, the laws we proposed and other ones that we are going to propose will not be laws to satisfy everybody', Boc said.


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