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S&P does not disconsider early parliamentary elections in RomaniaUpdated: 21-04-2010 | Politics

The S&P rating agency does not disconsider early parliamentary elections in Romania, although at present the opposition parties try to come back from the defeat at the previous presidential elections.

"Although the main opposition parties try to strengthen after the electoral defeat, we do not exclude the possibility of early parliamentary elections, before 2012" the report says.

The agency underlines that "it will be seen if the political tensions come back, as there will increase social pressures" which could be generated by the implementation of the reforms agreed with IMF and EC among which the reduction of expenditure with budget-paid salaries and the reform of the pensions system, NewsIn informs.

The S&P report reminds that after Traian Basescu's victory at presidential elections at the end of last year, PDL could create a parliamentary majority with UDMR where the members of other parties associated, after changing parties after the result.

"In spite of a certain degree of political uncertainty, the new government had, in our opinion, success in implementing its strategy of fiscal consolidation, which was reflected in the finalization by IMF of the evaluations of two and three of the stand-by agreement and in the payment of the stages" the report says.

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