Fewer marriages, more divorces and a negative birth rate for February

Publish date: 13-04-2010
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The number of Romanians has decreased in February 2010 by 5,708 people, the number of births ( 16,418 children) being smaller than that of people who died ( 22,126) the official data coming from the National Institute for Statistics said. In January, the decrease of the population was 6,382 people.

The number of children under one year old who died in February was 178 ( 10.8 under one year /1,000 new born) growing as compared to January ( 9.6 children under one year/1,000 new born) INS shows.

The town halls recorded in February 4,715 marriages ( 2.9 marriages /1,000 inhabitants) dropping by 126 marriages as compared to the previous month.

In tribunals there were recorded 2,767 divorces ( 1.68 divorces/1,000 inhabitants) , 1,552 more than in January. The number of marriages was in February 2010 2,306 lower than the same month of 2009. There were 451 more divorces in February 2010 than in February 2009.

Although seemingly "innocent" the producers and banks watch carefully demographic evolution, in order to adapt their offer to certain consumers. A high level of divorces could mean more mortgage loans ( the two spouses to be separated need another place to live), the speciality companies offering analyses per county and sometimes per street in the big communities.

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