IRES Survey : Educated Romanians do not trust Emil Boc and Mircea Geoana

Publish date: 08-04-2010
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The more educated they are, the less the Romanians trust the premier Emil Boc and the senate speaker Mircea Geoana, a survey made by the Romanian Institute for Evaluation and Strategy (IRES) shows. According to the study made by IRES in March " while the number of years spent in school grows, the trust in the Romanian Television, Mircea Geoana and Emil Boc decreases".

As regards trust in institutions, the General Inspectorate for Emergency seems to have the highest degree of trust among the population, 87% of the interviewees stated they have much and very much trust in the firefighters.

High level of credibility have the ambulance and the Romanian Post, 81% and 77% respectively, saying they trust them. At the same time, 18% of the interviewees in the study stated they trust the army very much and 52% they trust it much. 43% said they trust the Romanian Intelligence Service.

Two institutions with attributions in order and public security, the Jandarmerie and the Police have different levels of trust from the population, according to IRES.

If in the case of the Gendarmerie the interviewees said that they trust the institution - 45%, in the case of the Police 44% of the interviewees answered they trust very little the institution.
At the lowest level of population trust there are tribunals, more than half of the interviewees showing that they trust very little the institution. As regards the general situation of the country, three quarters of the interviewees said that Romania goes in the wrong direction.

In spite of this, 47% of the population consider themselves as optimistic and 14% say they are pessimist, but 35% are reserved when they think of the future, the opinion survey shows.

The IRES study with the topic " Romanians' trust in the institutions" was made on a sample of 1,374 people, aged 18 at least. The research has an error of 2.9% according to IRES.

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