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Romanians of Canada might draw pensions for working in RomaniaUpdated: 08-04-2010 | International

The Romanians who have settled in Canada might draw pensions for their employment in Romania, according to a draft law ratifying a Romanian-Canadian agreement on social security issues, adopted by the Romanian Government on Wednesday.

The agreement is designed to recognise and total the social security contributions paid by Romanians in Romania and Canada, start cooperation between the national bodies of the two countries in charge with social benefits as well as to establish ways of making the related payments, Labour Minister Mihai Seitan told a Government meeting.

'The legal framework under consideration provides for equal treatment to Romanian and Canadian citizens and the possibility to export social security benefits regulated by the agreement. In paying the benefits, all the social security contributions paid under the legislation of both countries will be added,' said Seitan.

The minister explained that anyone drawing a pension in Romania was not allowed to draw another pension in Canada and the other way around.


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