SMEs want lump-sum tax only for big companies

Publish date: 07-04-2010
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The members of the National Council of Small and Medium-sized Private Enterprises in Romania (CNIPMMR) express their total disagreement with the establishment of the lump-sum tax and with maintaining the minimum tax, given the significant difficulties generated by the financial crisis, the excessive taxation and the effects caused by the minimum tax on the business environment.

Thus, the CNIPMMR criticised the lump-sum tax, which they consider a factor that will also lead to closure of businesses. At the same time, SME representatives pointed out that ''the minimum tax is null and void for SMEs and led to the closure of over 195,000 companies.

'' The Council for SMEs also supports the introduction of a tax differentiated by branch, in proportion to the scale of activity. "If it is given up, we propose the introduction of this tax to be done through a totally changed vision. Social and economic analyses should be done and applied only to the sectors where the multinational firms and the large companies operate, which declare a low profitability level, namely the oil branch - the chemical and petrochemical industry, alcohol industry, tobacco and the gambling sector," reads a press release of the CNIPMMR), remitted to the Curierul National.

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