Grant agreement between Romania and Moldova to be signed late this April

Publish date: 01-04-2010
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A 102-million-euro grant agreement between Romania and Moldova will be signed late this April in Bucharest as part of a visit to Bucharest by Moldova's interim President Mihai Ghimpu, Romanian Prime Minister Emil Boc said on Wednesday in Chisinau. The agreement focuses on transport end education infrastructure.

After a meeting with Ghimpu, who is scheduled to pay a visit to Romania April 27-28, Boc informed that the Romanian Ministry of Regional Dvelopment will coordinate the agreement on behalf of Romania.

He added that there are various inter-governmental agreements carried out in the areas of education - where a scholarship programme is on - and tourism, to which a suggestion discussed with Ghimpu and Moldovan Government officials to encourage Romanian business people to support infrastructure upgrading projects in Moldova, under private-public partnerships, is added.

'We believe this is a good time for investment, both in Romania and in Moldova. Those who are investing now will come out winners when the crisis is over,' Boc said.

Boc also talked about projects in the areas of transportation and energy, mentioning discussions over the inauguration of several bridges over the Prut River.

Ghimpu said in his turn that he found full understanding during his conversations with Boc, mentioning the need for Moldova to be supported by Romania.

'I have found full understanding for achieving what I have agreed upon with Romania's President Traian Basescu and I am convinced that Moldova, more then ever before, has a possibility of being supported by Romania with the issues it has to solve. Romania is beside Moldova, and I am sure that together we will walk this walk to Brussels,' said Ghimpu, quoted by Agerpres correspondent.

Prime Minister Emil Boc on Wednesday paid a visit to Chisinau ahead of an official delegation, mainly to attend the handing out of the first small border traffic permits to Moldovan nationals.

Romanian, Moldovan Education Ministries to sign cooperation agreement

According to a decision reached in a meeting this Wednesday between Romanian Prime Minister Emil Boc and his Moldovan counterpart Vlad Filat, also attended by members of the two states' governments, the Romanian and Moldovan Ministries of Education will sign a cooperation agreement at the end of April.

The pragmatic points of the agreement refer to the recognition of diplomas issued by Republic of Moldova education institutions, the establishment of a directory with the names of the respective institutions, the opening of Romanian public education institutions in the Republic of Moldova by extensions of the Cahul and Balti Universities. The sides also agreed on the number of scholarships offered by the Romanian state to Moldovan youth, which is currently 5,000 - informs a release of the government in Chisinau.

Also examined during the meeting were issues related to the assistance offered by Romania to the Republic of Moldova with the European accession process. In this context, representatives of the Romanian government mentioned the willingness of Romanian experts to provide assistance to their colleagues in Chisinau with the implementation of biometric passports, mentioning that Romania currently has one of the best designed biometric passport models in the world.

As concerns the agreement under which Romanian assistance will be provided to the Republic of Moldova, Vlad Filat said that it is highly important for Moldova to be able to already access the first portion thereof this year.
To this end, Filat called for the devising of a clear agenda and the establishment of priority projects to be carried out under the agreement, which would immediately benefit Republic of Moldova citizens. 'It is important that the citizens feel the beneficial effects of our collaboration as soon as possible,' said Filat.

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