National vegetable production grew in 2009

Publish date: 24-03-2010
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The national production of vegetables grew last year for tomatoes, cabbage, cucumbers, egg plants, water melons and dropped for beans and onion, according to date supplied by the Ministry of Agriculture. Production increases were also registered for cabbage and water melons as a result of the use of new varieties and hybrids with high production potential and due to climate conditions of 2009 favorable to those cultures, the ministry shows. At the same time MADR shows that per hectare production grew last year for tomatoes from 15,579 kg/ha, cabbage from 21,428 kg/ha to 22,883 kg/ha and for water melons from 19,400 to 21,321 kg/ha.

Vegetable imports dropped by 27% in first 11 months of 2009

Ministry data show that after the first 11 months of 2009 vegetable imports dropped in volume by 27%, 135,000 tons of 61.7 million euro came to the country as against over 185,000 tone of 93.8 million euro in 2008.Romania imports tomatoes from Turkey, Bulgaria, Syria, Italy, onion from Austria, Holland, Germany, Italy, garlic from Holland and China, cauliflower from Italy, Holland, Czech republic, cabbage from Macedonia, Poland, Bulgaria, carrots from Turkey, Austria, Poland, Holland and cucumbers from Greece, Spain, Bulgaria and Holland. Peas come from Germany, beans from Hungary, China and Holland and egg plants from Spain, Italy and Holland.

Vegetable exports grew by 120% over January - November 2009

Vegetable exports over January-November 2009 grew from 14,000 tons worth 23.2 million euro in 2008 to 30,700 tons of 20.8 million euro. The main countries of destination for fresh vegetables are: tomatoes - Bulgaria, Russia, onion - Bulgaria, garlic - Hungary, Moldova, cauliflower - Moldova, Macedonia, cabbage - Moldova, Macedonia, carrots - Moldova, Bulgaria, Hungary. Romania also exports cucumbers to Austria, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Germany, peas to Italy, France, beans to Hungary and egg plants to Moldova and Bulgaria. In 2009 the area cultivated with vegetables was of 237,000 ha.

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