Tanasescu: IMF Head visit to Bucharest is positive sign for Romanian reforms

Publish date: 23-03-2010
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The visit of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) managing director to Romania and Poland is not at all related to the situation in Greece or with the need for reforms acceleration on the part of the Emil Boc Government, the former Finance Minister and current IMF senior advisor Mihai Tanasescu told Agerpres.

'The time when the IMF's managing director is paying a visit does not have anything to do with the events in Greece. The visit was planned a long time ago and it underlines even more the Government of Romania's correct application of the necessary measures for the following period of time,' said Tanasescu.

In his opinion, the IMF Head's visit represents a positive signal he gives to Romanian reforms.

'Following the eurobonds' success and after the IMF Board having approved three weeks ago the release of tranches 3 and 4 related to the stand-by agreement, we are now dealing with a sequence of events leading towards a certain kind of credibility increase for Romania on external markets,' said Tanasescu.

Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund Dominique Strauss-Kahn will come to Bucharest on March 30, according to a IMF Office for Romania and Bulgaria news release.

Marek Belka, director of the IMF's European Department, Jeffrey Franks, IMF mission head for Romania and other high IMF officials will accompany the IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn during his visit to Bucharest, said Tanasescu.

IMF extended Romania on February 19 the third and the fourth tranches of the support loan totaling 12.95 billion euros. The decision to grant 2.45 billion euros was taken by unanimous vote.

Romania has so far received 9.3 billion euros from the IMF.

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