Hungary, Romania and Poland have led EU average inflation to 1.4% in February

Publish date: 17-03-2010
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Hungary, Romania and Poland are the countries that have influenced the European average inflation rate to go up to 1.4% in February 2010, the official estimate published by the European Office of Statistics - Eurostat indicates. Hungary recorded in February the highest annual inflation rate in the European Union, namely 5.6%, followed by Romania with 4.5% and Poland, with 3.4%. At the other pole, the lowest inflation rates in the EU are with Latvia - minus 4.3%, Ireland - minus 2.4% and Lithuania - minus 0.6%.In annual terms, Romania saw the highest inflation rate - 5.3%, followed by Hungary - 4.6%, and Poland - 4%. The lowest figures were recorded by Ireland - minus 2.2%, Portugal - minus 0.9% and Estonia - minus 0.6%.