Governor Mugur Isarescu discussed with the bankers about norms, regulations and loan resumption

Publish date: 11-03-2010
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The BNR governor Mugur Isarescu met at the BNR club the representatives of the banks and the officials of the Romanian Banking Institute, the discussions having a technical feature. " Governor Isarescu made a presentation of the banking system, after which the discussions continued about norms and regulations, cooperation between banks and the National Bank" sources quoted.

According to them, the bankers who were present addressed the governor their viewpoints with regard to the effect of norms and regulations BNR has in mind to be applied in the near future. " at the same time, I can confirm that the present tendency of dropping the interest rate for loans will be kept and the liquidity in the system will increase" the sources said.

The same sources stated that the message of the meeting was that BNR supports the resumption of loans with caution. " Loans cannot be started again unless there are healthy and solid grounds. Look what happened in Bulgaria ( where the rating agencies reduced the perspective of the banking system). We want to have balanced and healthy credits. The message of the governor was in that direction" the sources said.

The meeting on Wednesday is part of a series of discussions BNR has with the banks, discussions focused on technical problems, monetary stability, optimal regulation of financial-banking activities. " We meet at least quarterly with BNR and we appreciate the balance governor Isarescu proves to have" the sources said.

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