Business community worried by after-crisis period

Publish date: 09-03-2010
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The chairman UGIR-1913 Ioan Cezar Coraci, stated on Saturday at the PNL congress that the present government does not seem to understand the fact that it is necessary to have public policies to overcome the economic crisis which keeps Romania away from the European average. « The economic crisis is far from ending in Romania. We feel the social effects and you saw how many desperate people there are in Romania" Coraci said, former PNL member.He emphasided the fact that the variation from plus 7% to minus 7% is dangerous, with effect on the economy.

The business community is worried about what follows, as, after this period there will be an economic competition similar to that after the second World War" the head of the General Union of Industrialists in Romania (UGIR 1913) says. In this context Coraci said that there are necessary public policies to support the economy. He said that the present government does not understand. The head UGIR - 1903 said that 2.5 million Romanians cannot insure the welfare of all Romanians, and the only measures are the liberal ones.

« Romania needs liberal policies. The position of UGIR prevents me from making party policy, but as a citizen, as a businessman and former colleague I will always be a liberal, at the bottom of my heart" Ioan Cezar Coraci said. He added that he participated in the congresses of the other political parties but their programmes were not good for him. « The business community supports you firmly, but it does not mean that the employers' associations will not be against. We prefer to be your opposition and not others'Coraci concluded.

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